Of This New World by Allegra Hyde

Allegra Hyde’s debut story collection, Of This New World, offers a menagerie of utopias: real, imagined, and lost. Starting with the Garden of Eden and ending in a Mars colony, the stories wrestle with conflicts of idealism and practicality, communal ambition and individual kink. Stories jump between genres—from historical fiction to science fiction, realism to fabulism—but all ask those fundamental human questions: What do we do when we lose our utopia? What will we do to get it back?

The Kite Family by Lai-chu Hon

Hon’s first full-length book in English, The Kite Family brings a glowing voice to contemporary English literature. With this collection, renowned translator Andrea Lingenfelter (known for her translation of Lillian Lee’s famous Farewell My Concubine) has brought another masterpiece to extraordinary life.