I Spy by Claire Kendal

I Spy Book Cover

I Spy
Claire Kendal
General Fiction (Adult)
01 Aug 2019


Holly Lawrence always wanted to be a spy, but the experience proved more dangerous than anything she imagined. Now, Holly lives in hiding under an assumed name. She avoids relationships and trusts no one.

But Holly’s new life begins to unravel when she encounters a young mother and her two-year-old child… a child who reminds her of a past she has tried hard to forget. This time, someone is spying on her, and Holly will need to decide how far she is willing to go to survive.

A complex story with twists and turns all over; leaving you wondering about the true faces of the main characters. Jumping forward and backward in time this book paints a story that will not bore you.

Got me hooked from beginning till the end!


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