The Walls of Dalgorod (The Chronicles of Rostogov #1) by Benjamin Sperduto

The Walls of Dalgorod Book Cover

The Walls of Dalgorod
The Chronicles of Rostogov #1
Benjamin Sperduto
Historical Fiction, Fantasy
Curiosity Quills Press
February 09, 2015


The Volodarid dynasty has reigned over the harsh steppes of Rostogov for four strife-ridden generations. Regicide and civil war have become almost as regular an occurrence as the deadly winters that sheath the land in snow and ice for much of the year.

Serafima Vladekovna is the latest scion of her line to sit upon the throne in the great fortress city of Dalgorod, but her cousins have yet to set aside their own ambitions. When she is forced to rely on their military support to protect Rostogov’s frontier from invasion, she finds herself even more vulnerable to their schemes.

After a mysterious assassination attempt leaves Serafima’s body crippled and her mind trapped in a timeless netherworld, the strongest of her cousins, Kirill Voisilovich, moves to claim the throne for himself, no matter the cost. As the freezing winter draws nearer, the fate of Rostogov rests in the hands of Gerasim Makarovich, an inexperienced soldier who has taken command of Serafima’s battered army in a desperate attempt to defend the walls of Dalgorod.

What took me so long before I started reading this book? The cover! From the start on I disliked it and after reading this book I definitely feel it’s needs a cover redo just to do justice to the story and storytelling. The book, the story, is great! It’s detailed, it has speed, might take some time before it grasps you but when it does it won’t let go.

What a great debut! Great attempt of bringing Russian history and fiction together.
But please redo the cover!

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