Arkhangel by James Brabazon

Arkhangel Book Cover

James Brabazon
General Fiction (Adult) | Mystery & Thrillers
Penguin Michael Joseph UK, Michael Joseph
20 Aug 2020


Officially, Max McLean doesn't exist. An off-the-books assassin for the British government, he operates alone. But when a routine hit goes badly wrong, a cryptic note on a $100 bill prised from his target's dead fingers suggests there's more to the mission than meets the eye.

Is someone from Max's former life trying to send him a message?
From Paris to Jerusalem and on to the frozen wastes of north-west Russia, Max is forced into a desperate race for the truth - with unknown enemies determined to stop him at any cost. And when the secret coded into the banknote is finally revealed, only one thing is certain: with the fate of the world in his possession, failure is not an option . . .

Takes some time to get things starting but then the story and plot are OK. Writingstyle is not mine though.
Not mine, maybe you’ll enjoy it 🙂


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