My Father’s House by Joseph O’Connor

My Father's House Book Cover

My Father's House
Joseph O'Connor
Historical Fiction | Literary Fiction | Mystery & Thrillers
Random House UK
26 Jan 2023


September 1943: German forces occupy Rome. SS officer Paul Hauptmann rules with terror. The war's outcome is far from certain.

An Irish priest, Hugh O'Flaherty, dedicates himself to helping those escaping from the Nazis. His home is Vatican City, the world's smallest state, a neutral, independent country within Rome where the occupiers hold no sway. Here Hugh brings together an unlikely band of friends to hide the vulnerable under the noses of the enemy.
But Hauptmann's net begins closing in on the Escape Line and the need for a terrifyingly audacious mission grows critical. By Christmastime, it's too late to turn back.

Based on an extraordinary true story, My Father's House is a powerful literary thriller from a master of historical fiction. Joseph O'Connor has created an unforgettable novel of love, faith, and sacrifice, and what it means to be truly human in the most extreme circumstances.

In Joseph O’Connor’s “My Father’s House,” the author explores the complex and often contradictory relationship between a father and son. The narrator, a successful writer, grapples with his father’s death and the legacy he left behind.

The novel is a poignant and insightful meditation on family, loss, and the enduring power of love. One of the most striking things about “My Father’s House” is the way O’Connor portrays the relationship between the narrator and his father. The narrator’s father is a charismatic and larger-than-life figure, but he is also deeply flawed. He is an alcoholic and a philanderer, and he often treats his family with cruelty.
Despite his flaws, the narrator loves his father deeply, and he is haunted by his death. The novel is also a meditation on loss. The narrator’s father dies suddenly, and the narrator is left to grapple with his grief. He is angry, confused, and lost. He feels like he has lost a part of himself, and he struggles to find meaning in his life. Over time, the narrator comes to terms with his father’s death. He realizes that his father was not a perfect man, but he also realizes that he loved him unconditionally.

The narrator learns to forgive his father for his flaws, and he finds a way to move on with his life. “My Father’s House” is a powerful and moving novel about family, loss, and love.

O’Connor’s writing is lyrical and evocative, and he creates a rich and complex world that readers will not soon forget. The novel is a must-read for anyone who has ever loved and lost a father.



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