No Precedent by John Uttley

No Precedent Book Cover

No Precedent
John Uttley
General Fiction (Adult) | Politics
01 Jul 2020


Bob, now settled with Wendy, must reconcile old memories and new children while Richard must save his family from themselves. Along the way, they are adopted by the lascivious Lucy Fishwick and her predatory daughter Maddie, whose lives are as mad and chaotic as the radio play Lucy is trying to write and, indeed, the world itself.

But despite the coming plague, it doesn't look like Armageddon. There is to be an apocalypse, but one of personal dimensions. We don't all go together when we go!

No Precedent gives some clue as to why Brexit happened and why the red wall fell, not that either protagonist wanted the former, nor would have wanted the latter if Harold Wilson were still prime minister. John Uttley knows the towns of the north, the county boroughs as he still calls them, and writes with nostalgia and reflection on times gone by and times yet to come.

As a reader with English as a 2nd language, this book is almost impossible to read. The language, tone, and pace all took a prize in the reading experience.

Not mine…12


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