Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer

Over My Dead Body Book Cover

Over My Dead Body
William Warwick #4
Jeffrey Archer
Mystery & Thrillers
HarperCollins UK
12 Oct 2021


In London, the Metropolitan Police set up a new Unsolved Murders Unit – a cold case squad – to catch the criminals nobody else can.

In Geneva, millionaire art collector Miles Faulkner – convicted of forgery and theft – was pronounced dead two months ago. So why is his unscrupulous lawyer still representing a dead client?

On a luxury liner en route to New York, the battle for power within a wealthy dynasty is about to turn to murder.

At the heart of all three investigations are Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick, rising star of the Met, and ex-undercover operative Ross Hogan, brought in from the cold.

But can they catch the killers before it’s too late?

“Over My Dead Body” is an unputdownable rollercoaster ride of a thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Jeffrey Archer weaves a gripping tale of murder, revenge, and betrayal that spans across London, Geneva, and a luxury liner en route to New York.

Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick, the rising star of the Metropolitan Police, finds himself at the heart of three interconnected investigations. The newly established Unsolved Murders Unit in London tackles cold cases that have stumped everyone else. Meanwhile, in Geneva, the supposedly deceased millionaire art collector Miles Faulkner continues to be represented by his unscrupulous lawyer. And aboard the luxury liner, a battle for power within a wealthy dynasty takes a deadly turn.

Archer’s writing is sharp, the pacing relentless, and the plot intricately layered. The clock is ticking, and the tension builds as Warwick and ex-undercover agent Ross Hogan race against time to catch the killers. The characters are well-drawn, and their motivations keep you guessing until the final pages.

What I loved most about this book is how Archer seamlessly connects seemingly disparate threads, revealing unexpected twists and connections. The suspense is masterfully maintained, and the resolution is both satisfying and surprising.

Whether you’re a fan of detective fiction, thrillers, or simply enjoy a well-crafted mystery, “Over My Dead Body” delivers. Archer’s storytelling prowess shines through, making this a must-read for anyone seeking an adrenaline-pumping, page-turning experience.


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