Sister of Mine by Laurie Petrou

Sister of Mine Book Cover

Sister of Mine
Laurie Petrou
Mystery & Thrillers
Oldcastle Books No Exit Press
20 Jun 2019


The Grayson sisters are trouble. Everyone in their small town knows it. But no-one can know of the secret that binds them together.

Hattie is the light. Penny is the darkness. Together, they have balance.

But one night the balance is toppled. A match is struck. A fire is started. A cruel husband is killed. The potential for a new life flickers in the fire's embers, but resentment, guilt, and jealousy suffocate like smoke.

Their lives have been engulfed in flames - will they ever be able to put them out? Steeped in intrigue and suspense, Sister of Mine is a powerhouse debut; a sharp, disquieting thriller written in stunning, elegant prose with a devastating twist.

Sleepy towns have creepy stories to tell.  Two sisters with an unusual relationship share a secret which, if revealed, will be devastating. Will the truth come out?

Well written, the story is interesting and well build.


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