Strange Medicine – Mike Russell

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Strange Medicine
Mike Russell
Strange Books
May 5, 2016
Mike Russell is a British author best known for his books Nothing Is Strange, Strange Medicine and Strungballs. 'Nothing Is Strange', was released in December 2014. 'Strange Medicine' was released in May 2016 and the novella 'Strungballs' was released on Halloween the same year. Mike Russell has staged many storytelling performances of his work over the last fifteen years. His shows include the use of handmade props, sounds and improvisations. Mike Russell was born in 1973. He grew up in the small village of Pulborough in the south of England. As a child, he enjoyed daydreaming, art and writing strange stories. He now lives in Brighton with his girlfriend and their two cats. As an adult, he enjoys daydreaming, art and writing strange stories.


We recommend the following prescription: Strange Medicine - weird and wonderful stories for all that ails you. Strange Medicine is a fantastic collection of extraordinary tales of transformation by UK weird-fiction author Mike Russell. If you love the strange, surreal and unusual or if you are just looking for something different, Strange Medicine is for you.

Strange Medicine is really a strange medicine! The first pages completely blew my mind, it’s something I never read before. It’s like reading an abstract painting by Klint or Kandinsky.

Each story makes you question your and the author’s sanity. After a while the style grows on you when you get further into the book and you’ve read a couple of stories, it get’s under your skin and crawls it’s way into your mind.
This book contains 8 surreal stories, some funny, touching but most of all: weird! Talking telephones, repeated unnecessary habits and what’s more all show up in Russell’s stories. They make you laugh, think and question reality.

Did I like ‘Strange Medicine?
If you’d asked me after the first story I would have given a complete different answer, but yes I did like it. Like I said it grows on you and becomes a part of your thinking.

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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