Summerlong by Peter S. Beagle

Summerlong Book Cover

Peter S. Beagle
Fantasy, Fiction
Tachyon Publication
September 6th 2016


It was a typically unpleasant Puget Sound winter before the arrival of Lioness Lazos. An enigmatic young waitress with strange abilities, when the lovely Lioness comes to Gardner Island even the weather takes notice.

As an impossibly beautiful spring leads into a perfect summer, Lioness is drawn to a complicated family. She is taken in by two disenchanted lovers—dynamic Joanna Delvecchio and scholarly Abe Aronson — visited by Joanna’s previously unlucky-in-love daughter, Lily. With Lioness in their lives, they are suddenly compelled to explore their deepest dreams and desires.

Lioness grows more captivating as the days grow longer. Her new family thrives, even as they may be growing apart. But lingering in Lioness’s past is a dark secret — and even summer days must pass.

Summerlong takes you slowly but surely into a fantasy world. Where this books starts as a ‘normal’ fiction it somewhere takes a turn towards fantasy.
I specifically say towards because it happens somewhere without the reader even noticing it.

This book can not be cataloged as a typical fantasy, how and why I will not tell you (I’m not into spoilers). So if you’re looking for a typical fantasy book: forget this one BUT if you’re looking for a good read, a well build story and beautiful written book: this is the one you’re looking for.

Beagle created a world which slips on like a glove, it invites you as a reader into a world which grows from everyday into something special and makes you think on multiple moments ‘when did that happen?’


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