The Fireside Grown-Up Guide to the Husband by Jason Hazeley, Joel Morris

The Fireside Grown-Up Guide to the Husband Book Cover

The Fireside Grown-Up Guide to the Husband
The Fireside Grown-Up Guide to
Jason Hazeley, Joel Morris
11 Oct 2016


The international publishing phenomenon and ridiculously funny new parody series that helps grown-ups learn about the world around them using large clear type, simple and easy-to-grasp words, frequent repetition, and thoughtful matching of text with pictures.

Have you been having trouble with the How, Why, and Wheres? Well fear no more. The Fireside Grown-Up Guide series understands that the world is just as confusing to a forty-year-old as it is to a four-year-old. We’re here to help and break down the most pressing and complex issues of our day into easy-to-digest pieces of information paired with vivid illustrations even a child could understand.

The husband knows many things. For example, he knows how many stairs there are in his house—in case he arrives home too drunk to see them properly. In this Fireside Grown-Up Guide to the Husband, you can learn about what husbands like (making simple repairs and then droning on about what a struggle they were), what he hates (being wrong), how often he is really listening (only thirty percent of the time), and many other enlightening facts.

We all have such an uncle, the one who thinks he’s funny but he isn’t; this book is that uncle.
Or maybe I should say it this way: the average toilet-joke-book is 10 times funnier then this book.

‘The Fireside Grown-Up Guide to the Husband‘ is absolutely not worth the $9.99 you are supposed to lay down for it, the ‘humor’ reminds me of the 1950’s where the hair of that period was funnier and the movie ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ looked better.
The images look they are googled randomly and span several types of styles, first of all they do not fit together and for sure not fit the small ‘humorous’ texts which go with it. The text contains non humorous small stories which never ever put a smile on your face.

It took me in total 10 minutes to read this book (yes I finished it). I’d really like to say something positive about this book: it’s good I got the book for free otherwise I would have send the authors a bill for the time wasted on it.


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