The Killer Inside by Cass Green

The Killer Inside Book Cover

The Killer Inside
Cass Green
General Fiction (Adult)
05 Sep 2019


A perfect childhood
You were the golden girl. The apple of your parents’ eyes. My beautiful, clever wife.

A perfect marriage
I would do anything for you. But some things about me must stay hidden.

A perfect liar
One summer afternoon, it all begins to unravel. Because I’m not the only one with terrible secrets to hide.

And when the truth comes out, it seems we both have blood on our hands…

Two stories twisting into one hell of a ride. Once the story grabs you, you simply have to read on. Confusing at first, shocking after that…

Well written, good plot, and intriguing. What more do you need on a cold and snowy winter’s day?

One whining from me: the cover is terribly Photoshopped, that silhoute of a woman would never fit through the door… maybe new cover 😉


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