The Last Protector by Andrew Taylor

The Last Protector Book Cover

The Last Protector
James Marwood & Cat Lovett #4
Andrew Taylor
General Fiction (Adult) | Historical Fiction
HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction, HarperCollins
02 Apr 2020


Brother against brother. Father against son. Friends turned into enemies. No one in England wants a return to the bloody days of the Civil War. But Oliver Cromwell’s son, Richard, has abandoned his exile and slipped back into England. The consequences could be catastrophic.

James Marwood, a traitor’s son turned government agent, is tasked with uncovering Cromwell’s motives. But his assignment is complicated by his friend – the regicide’s daughter, Cat Lovett – who knew the Cromwells as a child, and who now seems to be hiding a secret of her own about the family.

Both Marwood and Cat know they are putting themselves in great danger. And when they find themselves on a top-secret mission in the Palace of Whitehall, they realize they are risking their lives…and could even be sent to the block for treason.

Number 4 in this series already, alas it is not the best of this series. It feels uninspired with a weak plot… Nevertheless it is well written just not as engaging.


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