The Perfect Wife by JP Delaney

The Perfect Wife Book Cover

The Perfect Wife
JP Delaney
Mystery & Thrillers
Quercus Books
08 Aug 2019


Abbie awakens in a daze with no memory of who she is or how she landed in this unsettling condition. The man by her side claims to be her husband. He's a titan of the tech world, the founder of one of Silicon Valley's most innovative start-ups. He tells Abbie that she is a gifted artist, an avid surfer, a loving mother to their young son, and the perfect wife. He says she had a terrible accident five years ago and that, through a huge technological breakthrough, she has been brought back from the abyss.

She is a miracle of science.

But as Abbie pieces together memories of her marriage, she begins questioning her husband's motives--and his version of events. Can she trust him when he says he wants them to be together forever? And what really happened to Abbie half a decade ago?

Finally again a thriller with an original story, just pick it up and read it

I know this is short but I don’t want to take the joy of discovering this book for yourself away from you. Saying anything more about it will ruin it for you…


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