The Vanished Bride (Brontë Sisters Mystery #1) by Bella Ellis

The Vanished Bride Book Cover

The Vanished Bride
Brontë Sisters Mystery #1
Bella Ellis
Historical Fiction
Hodder & Stoughton
07 Nov 2019


Yorkshire, 1845. A young wife and mother has gone missing from her home, leaving behind two small children and a large pool of blood. Just a few miles away, a humble parson's daughters--the Brontë sisters--learn of the crime. Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë are horrified and intrigued by the mysterious disappearance.

These three creative, energetic, and resourceful women quickly realize that they have all the skills required to make for excellent "lady detectors." Not yet published novelists, they have well-honed imaginations and are expert readers. And, as Charlotte remarks, "detecting is reading between the lines--it's seeing what is not there."

As they investigate, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne are confronted with a society that believes a woman's place is in the home, not scouring the countryside looking for clues. But nothing will stop the sisters from discovering what happened to the vanished bride, even as they find their own lives are in great peril...

So… yes I do love historical fiction (fiction!) but I do not like the use of non-fictional characters just because it boosts sales.
No, this book isn’t bad, not at all! I liked it, enjoyed it actually. I just see it as a lack of imagination not being able to come up with fictional characters and build from there, there’s even a complete series planned… *sigh* And that’s a shame because the story is really good.

The cover: *sigh* again… the image is good but the typography a disaster. I don’t understand writers and publishers do not see the importance of this. Everything in black on this cover needs to be in a wastebin!

So my points: 2 just because the story was good but everything surrounding this book is just terrible.


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