Trust No One by Anthony Mosawi

Trust No One Book Cover

Trust No One
Anthony Mosawi
General Fiction (Adult) , Mystery & Thrillers
Penguin UK - Michael Joseph
23 Aug 2018


My name is Sara Eden. I was born in Scotland in 1980. My mother died at birth. My father was a tourist.

This is all Sara Eden knows about herself. She has few links to he past: the cassette player, a cheap gold necklace, a few scraps of paper. And a Polaroid of a stranger with one line: 'Don't trust this man'.

As she begins to unravel her past, Sara discovers that she was imprisoned by a group of agents now moving heaven and earth to find her. She knows that she is important to them. She knows they consider her a threat. But the highly trained forces on her heels are only part of the danger she faces. There's something in Sara's background that is more dangerous, more deadly, than her pursuers can even imagine. And the only thing Sara knows for certain is that she must Trust No One.

It was hard for to connect to the characters in this book, IMHO the author stretched his imagination a little bit to far.

The story itself is fast paced and well written but (spoiler alert) it raises more questions then it answers and I was left with an empty feeling at the end.

If you love espionage and high tech thrillers you might try this one and you might even love it, there’s enough people out there who classify this book as a guilty pleasure, which says enough.


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