Dark Paths: The Legends of the Alfar Book III (The Legends of the Älfar 3) by Markus Heitz

Dark Paths: The Legends of the Alfar Book III Book Cover

Dark Paths: The Legends of the Alfar Book III
The Legends of the Älfar
Markus Heitz
Jo Fletcher Books
August 20th 2012


The young älfar triplets Sisaroth, Tirigon and Firüsha have been banished to the deadly underground realm of Phondrasôn, two of them exiled for a murder they did not commit, the third determined to stay with them, to help them survive this terrifying place full of monsters.

Then Sisaroth meets a dwarf, Tungdil, who has been locked up in the Dark Abyss (Tungdil will be well-known to readers of the Dwarves series!) - and their unexpected relationship will change the fate of the älfar and the dwarves - for ever.

Heitz belongs IMHO to the best fantasy writers of this time. He has the ability to write a believable story set in a fantastic world, to me he’s one of the few able to do this.

‘Dark Paths‘ opens with a mumbo-jumbo of alien sounding names which can confuse the reader, but for those who just keep on going this will sort itself out pretty fast. It’s a fast paced journey through the deadly underground realm of Phondrasô, meeting some old friends of those who read Heitz’ ‘Dwarves’ series. It’s entertaining, well written and bloody.
Heitz is not someone who describes war as an adventurous and glorious thing, no he makes you smell the decaying bodies and feel the blood on your hands and shows the gruesomeness of it. On the other hand he also makes you smell the roses and enjoy the landscapes through the eyes of the main characters.

‘Dark Paths‘ is the 3rd book in the ‘The Legends of the Alfar‘ series but can certainly be enjoyed on it’s on. If you enjoyed it go get parts 1 and 2 as well.


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