The Book of Bera by Suzie Wilde

The Book of Bera Book Cover

The Book of Bera
The saga of Bera
Suzie Wilde
Adventure, fantasy
March 23rd 2017


The Book of Bera is a Viking adventure fantasy novel which follows the saga of Bera, a young Viking woman who is struggling to control her invisible twin spirit and develop her inherited gift of Sight.

On a long winter night, Bera is left to defend her stark village alone, and in the ensuing battle, her dear childhood friend, Bjorn, is killed. When soon after her father weds her to the chieftain of a rival clan, Bera realises the unthinkable: his second-in-command is responsible for her friend’s death. Though she must now learn how to be a wife and a stepmother to a hostile boy, Bera vows her revenge and sets off on a path to grow in power and hone her skills in the rough, macho clan into which she has been sold.

As her gifts continue to grow, her visions of looming disaster become more and more ominous until she has to make the ultimate choice: Will she choose revenge? Or will she succeed in leading her people to safety before it’s too late?

The Book of Bera is a work of great character, imagination and considerable drive that will take you on an epic journey of duty, vengeance and salvation.

The writing is flat which makes reading a struggle. On top of that it is hard to connect with the main character, she’s not the nicest person around to say it nicely. I was wondering which group the writer is aiming at. Young adults? The story is to violent and dark for that. Adults? The writing is to childish. I really do not know!

Things happen after each other instead of flowing into each other. Although the idea behind the story is great Wilde failed to make a great story out of it, the writing style and the choice to make it dark and the main character unlikable.

There’s worse books around but not a lot, sorry to say.


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