The Cogsmith’s Daughter by Kate M. Colby

The Cogsmith's Daughter Book Cover

The Cogsmith's Daughter
Kate M. Colby
General Fiction (Adult) , Sci Fi & Fantasy
Boxthorn Press
15 Oct 2015


In a desert wasteland, one king rules with absolute power and unquenchable lust, until the cogsmith’s daughter risks everything for vengeance.

Two-hundred years ago, the steam-powered world experienced an apocalyptic flood. When the waters dried up, the survivors settled around their moored steamship in a wasteland they named Desertera. Believing the flood and drought were caused by a scorned goddess, the monarchs demanded execution for anyone who commits the unforgivable sin—adultery.

Today, King Archon entraps his wives in the crime of adultery, executing each boring bride to pursue his next infatuation. Most nobles overlook King Archon’s behavior, but when Lord Varick’s daughter falls victim to the king’s schemes, he vows revenge.

When Aya Cogsmith was a young girl, King Archon had her father executed for treason. Orphaned and forced to turn to prostitution for survival, Aya dreams of avenging her father’s death. When Lord Varick approaches Aya with plans for vengeance, she agrees to play the king’s seductress—even though it puts her at risk for execution.

Packed with high-society intrigue, dappled with seduction, and driven by revenge, The Cogsmith’s Daughter is a steampunk fantasy novel with the perfect mixture of conspiracy and romance.

I liked “The Cogsmith’s Daughter”, it is a well written debut novel. It’s got suspense, romance, steampunk and a good plot. The world is built good, believable and interesting.

The dialogues where a bit odd from time time, there’s several styles used for them. Sometime formal, other times loose and with the use of slang. The story itself is so good that this is just a minor grievance.

Colby is a good story teller which makes me look forward towards the next episodes in this series.


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