The Stranger Times by C.K.McDonnell

The Stranger Times Book Cover

The Stranger Times
Sci Fi & Fantasy
Random House UK
14 Jan 2021


There are Dark Forces at work in our world (and in Manchester in particular) and so thank God The Stranger Times is on hand to report them. A weekly newspaper dedicated to the weird and the wonderful (but more often the weird) of modern life, it is the go-to publication for the unexplained and inexplicable . . .

At least that’s their pitch. The reality is rather less auspicious. Their editor is a drunken, foul-tempered and-mouthed husk of a man who thinks little (and believes less) of the publication he edits, while his staff are a ragtag group of wastrels and misfits, each with their own secrets to hide and axes to grind. And as for the assistant editor . . . well, that job is a revolving door – and it has just revolved to reveal Hannah Willis, who's got her own set of problems.

It’s when tragedy strikes in Hannah’s first week on the job that The Stranger Times is forced to do some serious, proper, actual investigative journalism. What they discover leads them to a shocking realisation: that some of the stories they’d previously dismissed as nonsense are in fact terrifyingly, gruesomely real. Soon they come face-to-face with darker foes than they could ever have imagined. It’s one thing reporting on the unexplained and paranormal but it’s quite another being dragged into the battle between the forces of Good and Evil . . .

“The Stranger Times” by C.K. McDonnell is a delightful and quirky urban fantasy that seamlessly blends the mundane with the extraordinary. Set in the heart of Manchester, this novel introduces readers to an offbeat newspaper that reports on the weird and paranormal happenings of the world. McDonnell’s witty writing and clever character dynamics create an engaging narrative that keeps you hooked from start to finish. The characters, from a motley crew of journalists to supernatural beings, are well-developed and endearing. The book’s exploration of the thin boundary between reality and the supernatural adds depth to the storyline.

With a mix of humor, mystery, and a touch of the surreal, “The Stranger Times” presents a fresh take on urban fantasy. McDonnell’s inventive world-building and fast-paced plot make for an entertaining read that leaves you eagerly awaiting the next issue of the newspaper and the next installment in the series. Fans of Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams will find themselves right at home in this bizarre and enchanting tale.



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