Then She Vanishes by Claire Douglas

Then She Vanishes Book Cover

Then She Vanishes
Claire Douglas
Mystery & Thrillers | Women's Fiction
Penguin UK - Michael Joseph
27 Jun 2019


Everything changed the night Flora disappeared.

Heather and Jess were best friends - until the night Heather's sister vanished. Jess has never forgiven herself for the lie she told that night. Nor has Heather. But now Heather is accused of an awful crime. And Jess is forced to return to the sleepy seaside town where they grew up, to ask the question she's avoided for so long:
What really happened the night Flora disappeared?

Starting the first chapter this book is one of those you can not put down any more until you are finished. Well written, good storytelling with many twists and turns.
Up until the end the story is open and keeps you guessing.


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