The Ghosts in the Clouds by Tony Lavelle

The Ghosts in the Clouds Book Cover

The Ghosts in the Clouds
Tony Lavelle
Sci Fi & Fantasy
16 Jan 2019


During a goodwill mission to the neighboring country of Astrul, a flying battleship, the Jared Fallor, is ambushed in the clouds and shot down over Astrul’s capital city Chassell Borg causing massive loss of life and destruction. The only survivor, Maya Sennay, is saved at the last moment by a winged mercenary called Sarok.

Together Maya and Sarok have to fight their way back to the safety of friendly territory through a nightmare landscape of monsters, magic users and the forces of a homicidal death cult.

Little did they know, as they battled to get home, the attack on the Jared Fallor was only the prelude to an apocalyptic world war orchestrated by malevolent forces from another reality.

The build up is a little slow but when it’s build there’s a whole world full of magic to discover. Nice pace, well written… very enjoyable!


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